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Better Said Than Done, Inc,. is a community of professional storytellers based in Fairfax, VA. We produce themed storytelling shows throughout Northern Virginia and beyond, featuring experienced performers from our team of storytellers. In 2013 – 2014, Better Said Than Done was voted the “best performing arts company in Virginia” by Virginia Living Magazine. With stories ranging in length from 7-10 minutes, the shows are energetic, engaging, and highly entertaining. They may be funny, poignant, silly, or unbelievable, but they will convince audiences that life is better in the telling.

Better Said Than Done is all about the story.  We have regular shows and travel to give performances, presentations, and workshops at corporate events, comedy clubs, schools, and anywhere else you would like to hear a story.

Storytelling Shows:  Our monthly events feature a range of professional storytellers engaging audiences with funny, poignant, silly and unbelievable true stories on that month’s theme. If you are looking for things to do or a great night out in the DC Metro area or Northern Virginia, Better Said Than Done is the show for you.

Corporate Workshops:  Book our storytelling instructors to hep you and your team use storytelling to connect with your audience; effectively and memorably communicate your message; and deliver compelling stories for publications, presentations, correspondence, or networking.

Speakers:  You provide the theme and we will provide the story.  Whether you are honoring your members, recognizing achievements or trying to raise awareness, we can provide stories and presentations on your theme to kick off your event or keep it moving along.

Charity:  We are committed to giving back.  Better Said Than Done puts on at least two events a year for a local charity – donating all funds to that cause.  Please contact us if you’d like to be considered for our next fundraising event.

The Better Said Than Done storytellers are corporate professionals, students, athletes, and educators. We studied English, film, writing, and journalism in college. We like to skydive, hike, watch TV, and march for our political party. Where we came from and what we do with our days is the fuel we use to write our true stories. No matter our background, each of us is committed to the art of storytelling, and takes the task of writing and performing a great story seriously.

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Better Said Than Done CEO and Owner Jessica Robinson has been writing fiction since she got her first shot at fame winning a Young Author’s Award in 6th grade. She has been a regular commentator on WAMU, DC’s NPR station. She performed her first true, personal story in 2007 and has been addicted ever since – performing stories for SpeakeasyDC, TEDx, GMU’s Fall for the Book Festival, the Reston Nature House and any venue or corporate event in need of a great story. Her true, personal story “The Game” was published in the compilation Sucker for Love, and the short story “Odds Are” was published in The Northern Virginia Review, 29th Ed.

Mary Supley Foxworth first stepped on stage as a storyteller in 2013, after taking a workshop with Better Said Than Done. While she has long enjoyed the performing arts – as a performer, backstage, and from the audience – Mary was drawn to storytelling for the challenge and opportunity to write and share experiences from her life. She has told stories at The Auld Shebeen and Epicure Cafe in Fairfax and the Walker Nature Center in Reston. Her favorite story to date is this one from November 2014 “Leftovers” show.

After growing up the child of a Video Store owner in Bridgeport, PA and going to college for film at UMBC, Dustin Fisher decided to celebrate his 30th birthday by having a panic attack and moving all his stuff to the Midwest. Three years later, he came to his senses and moved back east to the DC area. Along the way, he found a knack for stand-up comedy, highlighted by making it to the finals of the 2008 Funniest Person in Cincinnati competition. Dustin co-wrote and stars in the storytelling performance Logic, Luck and Love, which sold out at the Capital Fringe Festival 2010.

Derek Hills recently appeared in No Sex, Please, the solo show he wrote to chronicle his loooong virgin epoch. He is a frequent storyteller, having performed with The Moth and local heavyweights SpeakeasyDC, Story League, and Better Said Than Done. Derek studied improv with the Washington Improv Theater (WIT) and has dabbled in sketch comedy as well. He’s currently working on his second one-man show, a memoir called Boy of the Year, and a massive collage made from New Yorker magazine covers. You can find his performance schedule at

Anna Marie Trester is a Canadian, a redhead, and a sociolinguist, and she revels in the power of story. She sometimes tells people that she analyzes narratives for a living, but she mainly just loves thinking about language, which finds expression in teaching things like the ethnography of communication, in teaching and performing improv (she has been a teacher at Washington Improv Theater since 2005 and is a member of the long-form improv troupe Fuego), and sometimes (read: once) being interviewed as a language expert on NPR!


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