The People Have Spoken

This past Saturday night, Better Said Than Done celebrated our 2 year anniversary as the premiere storytelling troupe in Northern Virginia. Instead of our usual night of storytelling, we hosted a storytelling contest on the theme of war, between the top ten most voted for storytellers of Better Said Than Done.

The top ten best storytellers, again, are:
Mike Baireuther, Noa Baum, Kevin Boggs, Jason Conner, Dustin Fisher, Cara Foran, David Supley Foxworth, Jennifer Luu, Anna Marie Trester, and Michael Zhuang.

All ten storytellers are fantastic at the art of storytelling. They share true, personal, and unbelievable stories that prove that life is better in the telling.

Saturday night, at The Auld Shebeen in Fairfax, VA, the competition was fierce. First, there was the competition to find a seat. Doors opened at 6PM and it was standing room only by 6:15PM. Ultimately, we had an audience of over 130 people. Most of them followed instructions and only voted for their favorite storyteller. We did have a few ballots that had to be disqualified due to “creative voting.”

Mike Baireuther was not able to attend, so the competition was between the top nine storytellers.

Anna Marie Trester started the night off with the battle of the band leaders.

Kevin Boggs talked about meeting Bono during the time of the Bosnian War. Cara Foran told a tale of competing with her sister Bree for survival.Jason Conner talked about his inner battle against his own homosexuality and Dustin Fisher talked about dating as a battlefield.

Jennifer Luu talked about the wars she had fought with her mom over the years. David Supley Foxworth discussed competing in multiple science fairs.

Noa Baum told a story of the time when boys became the enemy and Michael Zhuang talked about the battle for the opposite sex.

In the end, the votes were tallied and it was a very close count. So close, in fact, that we had a tie for 3rd place. Both Anna Marie Trester and David Supley Foxworth took third. Maybe it’s because they both have 3 names?

Second place went to Cara Foran.

And the winner of the Better Said Than Done storytelling crown was Jennifer Luu.

All the storytellers deserve accolades for making it into the top ten and for putting on a fantastic night of storytelling.

Our next storytelling show is June 29th at Epicure Cafe. The theme is “Bringing Home the Bacon.” Details here.

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